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Wedding DVD: A Must Have, No Matter Your Budget

What's worse? Rain on your wedding day or not having a videographer capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments for you? Couples plan for their wedding day almost a year in advance and sad to say within 8 hours the clock will struck midnight. A mere 8 hours to get married, take family pictures, couple's shoot and return to the reception for all the formalities.

It's impossible to remember each moment. There are just so many events taking place on one's wedding day that it would be unwise ... no wait ... pure stupidity not to hire a professional wedding videographer to capture all those special moments on your wedding day.

But I Already Hired A Professional Photographer

Professional wedding photographers are worth every penny. These photographers are experts and can capture those special moments beautifully. However, no photographer is able to capture movement. With movement comes action, emotions and memories. Ask any couple who's married if they hired a videographer? Those who didn't, wish they did. Photographs are great, but video tells a whole lot more, with movement!

We had a personal experience where we captured a bride's big day ‘behind the scenes'. Almost a year later we contacted the bride and told her about the footage. So was so excited that she was willing to pay ANY amount to just relive those special moments. Enough said.

Wedding Videographers Are Too Expensive

Not true. Just like photographers, videographers offers packages that varies from as little as R8,000 up to R20,000. Remember, once your wedding day is over ... it's over. No photograph can relive those special moments for you. Photographs = Still. Video = Movement.

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Won't The Videographer Be In The Way?

Professional videographers have so much experience that they are able to capture your entire wedding day without you noticing their presence. It's their job to ensure that all the spontaneous moments are captured without you even realising it. Also, you'll be so busy to prepare for the big day that the videographer will be the least of your worries.

But when the big day is over, you'll be so glad you did hire a professional. Scared that they will make you feel uncomfortably? Not a chance! Videographers are by nature fun and interesting people. You'll only have to spend a couple of minutes with one and you'll be at ease. This is important, as this will show on the video!

But My Friend Is Bringing His Camera And Doing It For Free

Ah yes, the old ‘my friend' story. Why would you hire a professional photographer for your wedding if your friend can bring his camera and do your photos for you for free as well? Simple, you paid for their professional skills and equipment. The same goes for wedding videographers. Their skills and equipment places them in a different class. Even though your friend is willing to do this for free, you simply can't expect the same quality. You get what you pay for.

Could Have, Should Have, Would Have ...

Don't be one of the couples that wished they hired a professional videographer for their wedding day. Those magical 8 hours will be lost forever without the video. Take another look at your wedding budget and find a way to accommodate a videographer on your big day.


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