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How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer In Bloemfontein

There are currently over 400 photographers in Bloemfontein. That's excluding the hundreds of "kamera eienaars" (someone that owns an SLR camera). Narrow the numbers down and you're left with about 40 professional wedding photographers in Bloemfontein.

Each of these wedding photographers are eagerly awaiting for you to book them for an engagement shoot and hopefully their wedding. But how do you choose the right photographer for your wedding?

Professional Wedding Photography Equipment

Professional Wedding Photography Equipment

No matter what anybody says, if your photographer arrives at the shoot with an entry level SLR camera, you could probably just have asked a friend to be the photographer.

A professional photographer will have a kit with them with the value of at least R70,000. The photographer should own at least one SLR body of R45,000 + and a variety of lenses (up to five) to help them taking quality photographs. These lenses should vary from R4,000 up to R35,000.

Ask your wedding photographer if he/she has 2 SLR bodies. Why? What do you think will happen if the only body they have breaks on your wedding day? No body = No Photographs = No Wedding. If they only own one body it's probably better to seek another photographer.

Furthermore, if the photographer has to rent equipment for your wedding it's just another red flag. There are enough wedding photographers in Bloemfontein. Find one that owns their own equipment. Ask the photographer what equipment they are using - these should actually be listed on their website already. If not ... go and find a photographer that does!

Does The Wedding Photographer Have Enough Experience?

Expensive wedding photography equipment is only part of being a great photographer. The next thing to look out for is the experience the photographer has. The only way to see this is by viewing the photographer's photographs. Do this by visiting their website or their Facebook page. If the photographs look amateur you'll probably be receiving the same product. If you like what you see, then contact the photographer and book them!

Just remember to ask the photographer what they will do if it starts raining on your wedding day? Do they have a backup plan?


Wedding Photographers With Personality

We should probably have started with the PERSONALITY heading first. The second you find a wedding photographer that you feel comfortable with, book them there and then!

Remember that both the bride and groom need to feel at ease with their photographer as you'll be spending some time with the photographer on your wedding day. And when you're at ease with the photographer, your photographs will look absolutely breathtaking.

Don't Forget About The Brand

How long has this photographer been in the wedding industry? Usually the client has to pay an non-refundable deposit when booking their wedding photographer; usually 6-12 months in advance. How can you be sure that the photographer will even be in the industry a year from now? And will their business still be located in Bloemfontein?

Does the photographer have an office or at least working from home?

This might sound like a weird question, but do you know where to locate your photographer if they aren't answering their phone?
It might sound like a great idea to meet your photographer at a coffee shop, but it's probably because they don't have an office or a designated area in their house to work from. And why would you ever want to meet your photographer at a noisy coffee shop or restaurant?.

Will you feel comfortable talking about your wedding day details with the photographer while complete strangers are listening to the conversation? Meeting with your photographer should be personal and professional. Insist on meeting the photographer at their work place or home.

Keep the above in mind when you start your search for your wedding photographer. The only thing left is to discuss your budget and your needs on your big day. Professional photographers will always be open for business and listen to their client's needs.


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