Best Troufotograwe In Bloemfontein

Wedding Photographer vs Friend-WiTh-CoOl-CaMeRa

Why should you choose a Professional Wedding Photographer above Friend-WiTh-CoOl-CaMeRa (aka Frikkie)?

These days weddings cost a lot of money, causing most couples to budget carefully when organizing the wedding of their dreams. So why not find a friend or uncle with a dSLR to take a couple of shots and cut a corner as " an expensive camera = great pictures"?

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The Best Wedding Photographers In Bloemfontein

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer In Bloemfontein

There are currently over 400 photographers in Bloemfontein. That's excluding the hundreds of "kamera eienaars" (someone that owns an SLR camera). Narrow the numbers down and you're left with about 40 professional wedding photographers in Bloemfontein.

Each of these wedding photographers are eagerly awaiting for you to book them for an engagement shoot and hopefully their wedding. But how do you choose the right photographer for your wedding?

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Guest Photographers At Bloemfontein Weddings

Guest Photographers At Bloemfontein Weddings

Nowadays technology can be found everywhere. Unfortunately this is also the case at weddings. Gone are the days where smiling and happy faces welcome the bride as she comes down the aisle. Instead she is greeted by faceless guests behind tablets, smart phones and cheap SLR cameras.

This is really becoming a sensitive matter at weddings in Bloemfontein as professional wedding photographers don't know how to approach their clients and advise them regarding guests with cameras at the ceremony.

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Wedding Venues And Vendors In Bloemfontein

The Perfect Match

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