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Wedding DVD: A Must Have, No Matter Your Budget

What's worse? Rain on your wedding day or not having a videographer capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments for you? Couples plan for their wedding day almost a year in advance and sad to say within 8 hours the clock will struck midnight. A mere 8 hours to get married, take family pictures, couple's shoot and return to the reception for all the formalities.

It's impossible to remember each moment. There are just so many events taking place on one's wedding day that it would be unwise ... no wait ... pure stupidity not to hire a professional wedding videographer to capture all those special moments on your wedding day.

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The Best Wedding Photographers In Bloemfontein

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer In Bloemfontein

There are currently over 400 photographers in Bloemfontein. That's excluding the hundreds of "kamera eienaars" (someone that owns an SLR camera). Narrow the numbers down and you're left with about 40 professional wedding photographers in Bloemfontein.

Each of these wedding photographers are eagerly awaiting for you to book them for an engagement shoot and hopefully their wedding. But how do you choose the right photographer for your wedding?

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